Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disney Jr. Live!

In September I won (!!!) tickets to Disney Jr Live which featured Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First.  I was soooo excited to win because shows like that are super expensive and we wouldn't have gone otherwise.  It was in Tupelo and was a fun little outing for our family!  Ellington was obviously over the moon excited!

Time to DANCE! :)

Finley was really into it for a few minutes.  :)  Robert and I took turns walking around with her during the 2nd half of the show. 

Look at that face!  Soooooo excited!!!!

After the show we had supper at Lost Pizza.  Yum yum!

At supper they had on our game against LSU.  We were fortunate enough to see our first touchdown against LSU.  We thought it was a crazy fluke (because ya'll....MSU doesn't typically do so well against teams like LSU) buuut turns out we had ourselves a ball game!  We listened to more of the game in the car and were SHOCKED to know that we were totally holding our own and doing great!  After a couple of stops in Tupelo Robert and I decided to stop listening to the game at halftime and watch the rest at home (which we had recorded).  We flew home (ha!) and put the girls to bed quickly and then watched the 2nd half of the game.  We couldn't believe we WON!!!  That was such a fun night and the start of an extremely fun and exciting football season!

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