Friday, November 28, 2014

The Weekend Before Halloween

The weekend before Halloween was FULL of activities, festivals, etc around here! It was crazy! We narrowed it down to going to the downtown Olive Branch fall fest Saturday morning, our church fall fest Saturday evening, and Connor and Brody's church fall fest Sunday evening. We had a busy unicorn and ladybug!

First up was downtown Olive Branch.  Robert and I were really excited because we love small town festivals was terrible.  I think my expectations were too high and maybe I have been spoiled by Starkville events.  In any case, we won't be going back next year.  Even Ellington (who is easily impressed), said it was NOT fun.  Ha!  Oh well.  It was also HOT so that didn't help matters!

I took the picture above when we first arrived and the picture below as we were leaving.  Clearly, I didn't think anything was picture worthy in between!

Saturday evening we went to the festival at our church.  Ellington of course had a blast with games and bouncy houses!

The girl at the face painting station asked Ellington what she wanted and of course Ellington said a unicorn.  I kind of laughed and told Ellington to maybe pick something else (because I thought it was too hard to paint!) but the girl said she could do it.  Sure enough...she did!

Poor Finley.  Old enough to want to participate but not old enough to actually participate.  Next year she'll have a lot more fun!

On Sunday evening we met Connor, Brody, and Aunt Julie at their church for their festival.  I didn't take my camera because I thought it would but just another festival but man...I regretted not taking it!  Theirs was AMAZING with so many fun activities, games, rides, pony rides, etc!  I hated I didn't have my camera but we all had a blast!!!  Pre-Halloween weekend wore these parents OUT but we had so much fun. :)

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