Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ellington's 5th Birthday Party

We had Ellington's 5th birthday party about a month and a half ago.  She had been talking forever about wanting a rainbow unicorn party.  I wasn't sure how to make it cute and not weird (ha!) but as it turns out...there is some cute rainbow unicorn stuff out there!  This post has a TON of pictures so I'll get right to it!

Reagan stayed with us the weekend of the party so she helped me fill the pinata after the girls went to bed!

Reagan also got to experience our balloon drama.  I bought a ton of polka dotted balloons from an etsy shop that were SOOOO CUTE!  Shortly after Robert got them home they all started popping like crazy.  Ellington was crying because her bday balloons were all but gone, Finley was crying because it was scary, I wanted to cry because cute balloons!, and Robert wanted to cry because the balloon thing had already taken forever AND he was missing SEC Gameday which was in Starkville that day.  It was TENSE to say the least.  The guys that blew up the balloons at Kroger were not people who usually blew up balloons and they waaaay over filled them so they all popped.  Kroger was nice to do some more for us but obviously they weren't my cute balloons.  Oh well.  They did the trick!

Ellington was MOST excited about these coloring sheets :)

I love my sweet family!

Gosh!  How is she FIVE?!

Fall birthdays can always be tricky in football loving families!  I scheduled E's party for noon and of course a few days later it was announced that our big game with A&M was at 11:30.  We had the game on at the party and enjoyed watching it together!  We just paused it for the "big" activities like gift opening and cake time!

I wasn't sure how the unicorn coloring sheet would go over since Ellington is the only girl.  Connor and Brody were good sports about it but Emerson wanted nothing to do with it!  Ha!

We did a group unicorn Mad Lib activity that was so fun!  Ellington laughed and laughed when we read the stories.  Reagan headed up the kids team. :)

Present time!!!

The one thing Ellington kept saying that she wanted was a pinata.  I found this super cute pull string pinata online.  The kids loved it!

Big Bob






Sibling fun :)

Julie, Brad, and Finley

Aunt Julie and Uncle Brad

Julie and Connor

Reagan and Pappaw


Aunt LeAnna and Uncle Bryant

Time for cake!

Aunt Julie made Ellington's cake and it had a surprise inside!  Ellington didn't know anything about her cake so it was a fun surprise for her!  Rainbow!!!

Our last activity was canvas painting for the kiddos.  It turned out super cute!

What a wonderful day celebrating our big five year old!

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