Saturday, November 15, 2014

Zoo Boo!

Our first Halloween activity this year was Zoo Boo!  We had never been to it before (obviously since we haven't lived here very long!).  It was fun but it's definitely not a "must do" every year.  The girls were extra excited because it was their first time to wear their costumes.  Ellington was a unicorn and Finley was a ladybug.  Finley was soooo excited to wear her costume.  It cracked me up!  She kept patting it and saying "lady bug".  She also drug it around the house for days afterwards and one day she even took a nap holding it!  Funny girl. :)
Here they are...ready to roll!

There were kids everywhere in costumes so I obvisouly wasn't going to get a picture with them looking at the camera. :)

There were lots of different activities and trick-or-treat stations around the zoo.  Ellington and I had a blast in the straw maze together.

We also went on a hayride!

Happy girl!

Ellington loooved this little bat that she made.

E played a game and won this little ring.  She loved it so much you would have thought it was covered and diamonds! :)  Five year olds are pretty easy to impress. ;)

We had so much fun! After the zoo, even though it was late, we decided to be wild and crazy and go out to eat!  We went to a fun pizza place we had never been before called Pyros and had a BLAST!  I love special time with my sweet family!

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