Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ellington's Baby Dedication

This past weekend we dedicated Ellington to the Lord. It was a really special time and a reminder to Robert and I about what a big (and wonderful!) job we have. We were so happy that we could have some of our family there to celebrate with us.

After a quick nap after church Ellington played with MiMi for a bit before lunch was ready.

I made lunch for everyone after church. For most women this probably is no big deal and a no brainer, but I don't really cook. No really, I don't. It's bad I know...and it's something I REALLY want to change. However, I decided Sunday I would cook for the whole group! I made a double batch of poppy seed chicken, green bean bundles, crock pot corn, mixed fruit, rolls, and banana pudding. Not only did I not burn or ruin anything...it actually tasted pretty good! :) I was actually very proud of myself. I think the experience helped me not be so afraid of cooking! Hopefully 15 years from now I will read this and laugh at my 25 year old self because I will be an AMAZING cook!

Ellington played a little during lunch.

The grown-up table. :)

What a great and special day we had! We were also so happy that Robert had the morning free. He had to go back to work Sunday afternoon, but he got to be around for the good parts!


  1. And a might tasty meal it was, I might add. We were so glad to be able to be there with you and thankful that Patsy was able to make it, too. You are such a precious family and I love all three of you very much.

  2. what a beautiful celebration! i love to celbrate baby dedications! the family shot of you 3 is just presh!