Monday, May 10, 2010

We Kept Our Party Pants On

On Saturday my sweet little sister, Reagan, graduated from Mississippi College. We had the best day ever. I think it's because we decided to keep our party pants on and just have a fantastic day! :) I was really nervous about the day. I didn't know how Ellington would do being away from home all day. We had never tried a day out that would last so long. We've gone out of town before, but we have always had some type of base other than the car. We left about 8:15 a.m. and got back home about 9:15 p.m. Obviously that meant all naps and meals would happen out and about. And let me tell ya'll....if we had written the perfect schedule it would be exactly what Ellington did that day. She did FANTASTIC!

Ellington slept the whole 2ish hour drive to the Jackson area. When we got there we made a stop at Old Navy and then went to Chick-fil-A for an early lunch. Ellington did great at both places and then we headed to Target (oh how I love thee). I took Ellington in with me and Robert stayed in the car to warm the bottle. We have a bottle warmer that you plug into the spot where we plug in the ipod, but it takes a reeeeally long time to warm the bottle. We tried giving it to her at room temperature, but she would have nothing to do with it. Any advice about having warm bottles when out and about? Then I fed Ellington in the little cafe part of Target. It was time to head over to Clinton. We had to get there early to take pictures with Reagan before the ceremony. We really needed Ellington to take another quick nap on the way there and guess what? ....she totally did. Yay! We got to MC and had a great time seeing everyone and taking pictures!

I love seeing Ellington and Reagan together. I want them to be best buddies! :)

It seems like just yesterday that we were at her kindergarten graduation. Just kidding. I don't remember that, but I do remember her high school graduation and that DOES seem like just yesterday.

Pappaw hung his walking stick in a tree to entertain Ellington. I was so happy...she actually let him hold her for awhile!

Here's the whole gang before Bryant and LeAnna got there. We took another group shot after they got there, but the people taking the pictures were already taking with 3 cameras...I hated to say, "Mine too".

And here we are inside the graduation. We had about an hour wait until the ceremony started. Ellington was just a sweetie pie. She kept trying to grab the hair of the woman in front of us, but luckily I managed to catch her every time...just in time!

Ellington was doing great, but during the main speaker's talk she thought squealing would add some her sweet Daddy took her out so I could stay the whole time. As it turns out, they had a fantastic time laying and playing in the grass. Robert even took some pictures for me!

After the ceremony we had about 2 hours before our dinner reservation and we really needed Ellington to take a nap. "What's that mommy? You need me to take a nap now? Sure thing!" Yep...she slept like a dream in the car as we road around and Robert impressed me with his knowledge of the Jackson area. (As a side note: I know I keep going on and on and on about how great Ellington did. Sorry for that! It's a HUGE deal. She isn't a laid back baby, so this day was such a TREAT!)

After Ellington's nap I gave her a bottle on a bench in a super shady outdoor shopping area and then we strolled for a bit before supper. It was fantastically fun. We had supper at Julep. It was delicious! Robert and I had never been there before...actually I don't think anyone other than Reagan had. I could be wrong about that though.

I didn't know Lauren and Charleigh were going to be eating with us too! What a fun surprise!

Ellington sat in her stroller most of the time we were there. I got to eat my whole meal! :) She did love sitting in my lap and playing with the paper that was on the table.

We found out GREAT news on Saturday as well! Ellington is going to be a big cousin!!! Bryant and LeAnna are going to have a precious baby and I am sooo excited. I keep telling Robert, "I'm just so excited!".

Thanks, Reagan, for such a special day! We had a great time celebrating with you. We are SO proud of you and love you SO much!


  1. yup. this was my favvvorite post. :)

  2. congrats to your adorable sister!!! you two look so much alike, by the way! so happy ellington did so well! it's always amazing when they cooperate! ; ) cheers for keeping on your party pants!

  3. Ellington did so well this weekend. She will soon be where you can go and do without giving it much thought.