Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Sunday was my first Mother's Day and it was such a sweet, special day. I am so proud to be Ellington's mommy. Being a mommy is such a great blessing, but it's also really hard sometimes! It was so wonderful to have a day to celebrate that. Robert was so sweet and made a great day for me.

These are my presents! So exciting!!!

Being on one income calls for some changes. This year Robert and I weren't able to get each other birthday, Christmas, or anniversary presents but I told Robert that I wanted us to make our first Mother's Day and Father's Day special for each other. He definitely went above and beyond, but it made me feel so special and appreciated! And didn't he do a great job wrapping all by himself?!

I seriously love being her mommy.

Ellington was all about helping me unwrap my presents!

Her favorite part was definitely trying to eat the bow.

Yay! I got the baby carrier I had been wanting for a long time, but couldn't talk myself into buying.

I opened the small present before church and saved the big one for after church!

Look at this beautiful picture frame Robert picked out! I LOVE it! I made a list of suggestions for gifts (the baby carrier was on it) but this was a total surprise. He did a great job!

Ellington loved this box! If it wasn't filled with a thousand little choking hazards we could have left her there all day and she would have been fine!

Here's Ellington in the new carrier! It's soooo super comfy! I have back problems and it didn't bother me at all. Robert and I discussed if we should wait and take my picture when I wasn't wearing loungey clothes, but I decided this was real life so we should go ahead and take the pictures. :)

I used the carrier in Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon and Ellington loved it. She didn't even make a peep. Although I have noticed anytime I wear Ellington (I also have a ring sling and a pouch) that people stare so much. I don't get that.

Robert let me choose where we ate for supper and I chose Mi Hacienda. Man, I love Mexican! I really wanted to go out somewhere after church in our church clothes (that just seemed more Mother's Dayish) but I knew Ellington would do much better if we waited and went out for supper. She did great for us and she even grabbed my cup and started chewing on my straw. It looked like she was drinking right from my cup, but she doesn't know how to suck yet. It was so funny because she hadn't ever done that before.

This is my first little Mother's Day flower (thanks to the sweet people at Mi Hacienda!) sitting above my kitchen sink. I love having it there. I look forward to having little flowers that Ellington picks sitting there (even if they are just weeds that she thinks are flowers).

I had such a special day with Robert and Ellington. Ellington, you are my precious girl and you will always be the one that made me a mommy first. Thanks for teaching me and being patient with me when I don't get things exactly right. I love you more than I could ever imagine! I can't wait to see what you'll be like on my 2nd Mother's Day!


  1. So glad that your Mother's Day celebration went well. You are a wonderful mother and Ellington is lucky to have you.

  2. what a special day indeed! the new carrier looks fabulous. and the picture frame... he did good indeed! you have such a sweet beauty you get to be mommy to!

  3. Great Mother's Day!