Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's taken my awhile to get back to blogging, but I'll pick up where I left off...Thanksgiving(otherwise known as the holiday that I did really poorly at taking pictures of)! We spent Thanksgiving in Philadelphia mainly because we were going to leave Friday for Robert's birthday trip and Ellington was staying with my parents. This was actually Robert's FIRST Thanksgiving in Philadelphia! The very first Thanksgiving we spent together was the year we were engaged and we were with Robert's extended family in Grenada. The next year was our first married Thanksgiving which we spent in Brownsville. Last year was Ellington's first Thanksgiving and Robert was TERRIBLY sick and had to stay in Starkville. My dad was the unfortunate one to be sick this year! :( He didn't get to join us for Thanksgiving festivities. Bryant and LeAnna also weren't able to come because she's going to have my sweet nephew Emerson any day now. :) So, it was kind of a slim crowd but we had a great time anyway.

Every year my mom gets us all to make a list of 10 things we are thankful for. We are encouraged to think a little outside of the box and not just put things like "God, family, and our country." So, here's our list for 2010:

A part-time job that allows me to be with Ellington
A husbnd wh helps take care of Ellington and keep the house clean
Crystal light lemonade
Parents who babysit
Ellington finally and consistently sleeping through the night
A husband who shares my vision for the future
My healthy, happy family
The tredmill

An amazing wife and daughter that have been patient during 2nd shift
Apple cider/Starbucks
Last season of Smallville
Two newborn nephews arriving soon
A winning MSU football record
A losing Ole Miss football record
Steve Glosson coming back to podcasting
Gus not dying
3rd shift starting back in a week*
Dan Mullen

My lion
Gerber crunchies
Music and dancing
Being able to drink out of a sippy cup
Riding in shopping carts
Drinking whole milk
Learning to crawl and pull up
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Lift the flap books

*Robert listed on his list that 3rd shift would be starting back in a week. Unfortunately that is NOT happening. We were SO looking forward to it, but found out a few days ago that it would be later still. It was actually suppose to start the week of my birthday (tomorrow) and I was so excited to have such a wonderful husband back!!! But anyway, it's still not happening. Finding that out has made this past week really tough. We miss being together and having time as a family. This year has been HARD on us, but I am confident that there is a reason for everything and that God has a great plan for our lives.

We also celebrated Robert's 30th birthday with caramel cake!

Robert and I were going to stay in Philadelphia until time to put Ellington to bed and then head back to Starkville after she was asleep and leave to go on our trip from Starkville. But, with Dad being sick it wasn't really a good idea to leave her there! So we brought her back to Starkville with us and my mom came up Friday morning to keep Ellington for us. It all worked out and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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