Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

As promised, a few pictures of New Year's Eve and New Year's day. On New Year's Eve we decided to go eat at Harvey's. We did this on New Year's Eve before Ellington (actually exactly one month before I found out I was pregnant!) and had a GREAT time so we thought we'd do it again! It was so warm that we spent a little time outside before supper. Ellington still LOVES her swing!

Poor Ellington, you can tell she doesn't feel very well in this picture!

On New Year's Day we got to watch the Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl!!!

My parents came up to watch the game with us and bring me their treadmill to borrow.  I had just gotten in a GREAT treadmill routine...walking about 2 miles every night after Ellington went to bed...and then my machine just DIED.  So sad.  But anyway, my sweet parents are letting me borrow theirs!

New Years Day was the last sort of normal day we have had (although it was very obvious Ellington didn't feel well and we didn't really either!).  Thankfully, it seems like we might all be on the mend.  We had to take Ellington back to the doctor again today because she didn't seem to be getting much better, but thankfully her flu test came back negative.  One of her ears still looks really bad though.  Poor thing.  I am starting back to work tomorrow and Ellington is going to stay home with Robert for the rest of the week.  I am REALLY nervous about leaving her because if I have been out of her sight this week she just loses her mind.  But I have already missed sooo much work this year.  Hopefully she'll be feeling a little better tomorrow and it will be ok!

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  1. too cute!! happy to hear everyone is feeling better! we are in the same boat..finally getting back to normal. happy new year!