Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Brody

On Saturday we got to meet our newest nephew and Ellington's newest cousin, Brody!  Here is Ellington meeting her new cousin for the first time!

Cousin love!!!

Ellington was sweet to give Brody lots of kisses!  

On Saturday Ellington was particularly partial to Robert, so I got lots of cuddle time with the sweet baby!

Connor had lots of tricks up his sleeve to keep Ellington (and the rest of us!) entertained!

It was such a joy meeting the newest addition to the family!  Babies are truly a special blessing from the Lord.  Both of my parents are only children so I don't have any first cousins.  I LOVE that Ellington already has three sweet cousins and more to come I'm sure! :) 


  1. I hope she has several from the Jackson side.

  2. Thanks for all the recent posts! Brody sure is precious :)