Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stopping in to Say 'Hi'!

So, it's been quite a few days since I have done a post. My sister is so sweet to remind me when I've gotten behind. :) We've been kind of crazy around our house. Last week I struggled with headaches and had two terrible migraines. Thankfully Robert was around both times to take care of Ellington because I could not function!

I've also been struggling with Ellington. She was out of school because of Christmas/sickness/snow for about three and a half weeks. When she went back last week she had a REALLY hard time adjusting. She never use to care that I held other babies but suddenly she was FALLING apart. It was really really hard on me. This behavior continued into this week. It's such a struggle balancing her and working at the same time. I feel guilty if I'm not giving her attention and I feel guilty if I'm giving her extra attention and not doing my job appropriately. This morning at school she started messing with her ears like CRAZY so I decided to go ahead and try to make her a doctor's appointment. We went to the doctor this afternoon and she has a double ear infection AGAIN. :( This is the second time this month. I'm hoping this was some of the reason for her recent behavior because I don't know how we will make it the rest of the school year!

So, that's all of the fun stuff going on around here. :) These pictures don't have anything to do with anything, but a blog post without pictures just isn't a blog post at all!

(Ellington is obsessed with Robert's belts!)

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  1. Yay!!! Well, not for E's ear infections, but for a new blog post!