Wednesday, January 12, 2011


On Sunday morning we stayed home from church because Robert was planning on starting 3rd shift that night so he really needed to get his body ready for that and Ellington still wasn't 100% and I didn't want to leave her in the nursery.  We enjoyed a quiet morning at home and then a little after lunch (I think) it started SNOWING!!!  You can't really tell in the pictures, but HUGE flakes were falling.  It was beautiful!  Ellington absolutely loved it!  She would say, "snoooooooo". 

Ellington read her, "How to Build a Snowman" book so that she would be ready for the snow!

We didn't get out in the snow on Sunday (because the majority fell after dark), but we did on Monday.  Robert's worked was canceled Sunday night and school was canceled for Ellington and I.

Ellington DID NOT like standing in the snow!  She was scared of it!

This picture is just to remind me that I am not a hat person.

We brought out Ellington's little push toy to take her picture in and of course Daddy made it a fun ride!

This was the little track that Robert made.  He would pull her up to the top and then let her go.  She LOVED it!!!  I think she would have ridden all day.

This is what happens when you run out of dog food and the roads are icy:

The good news is that Gus LOVED the Cheerios. :)

Robert ended up not having to go to work Monday night either and Ellington and I had Tuesday off of school as well.  It was nice to be able to just be at home together and because the weather was so yucky we were forced to just stay in!  I must admit after Christmas, sickness, and the snow I am ready for our routine again.  Although now it's a whole new routine!  Ellington and I went to school this morning while Robert slept.  He is in the shower now and Ellington is about to get up from her nap.  And we'll get to be together until Robert goes to work about 7:30 pm. I am liking our new routine already!


  1. I like your new routine, too. It makes you happy.
    I think the hat is cute.

  2. a) your hair is straight!!!
    b) i think robert is very handsome, but all the pictures on the blog are of him! get him to take some pictures!!! i guess thats how it goes when your the mom :) can you imagine mammaw trying to get pappaw to take pictures? "nice pictures of our knees, man" and baaack theennn you couldn't check your pictures before you printed them!
    c) GUS ATE CHEERIOS! Too funny-glad he liked them!
    d) wish we had snow here, but glad y'all got some!
    e) miss y'all!

  3. what a perfectly perfect family snow day!

    thank you so much for letting me know our story has helped yours. sometimes it's hard to put this stuff "out there" but knowing it has helped one other makes it so worth it. you are a beautiful family growing in God's perfect timing, keep up the GREAT work!!!