Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Necklaces and Cabin Fever

As you can see, Ellington has REALLY been into necklaces lately:

She LOVES them!  And the more, the merrier!

Ellington has also developed a bit of cabin fever since she's been sick.  Bless her heart.  Today she pulled up on the screen door and just banged and banged as if to say, "Someone PLEASE get me out of here!"  

Today has definitely been one of her best days in awhile, so hopefully we'll be completely well soon! 


  1. Yep, that cabin fever can get you. I am so glad I don't live farther north where there are times you literally can't get out of the house. I'm pretty much a homebody, but after a while the walls start closing in. Hope tomorrow is a great day and our sweet girl is more like herself.

  2. So glad she feels like getting out! Hope y'all are all back on your feet soon. :)

  3. Hope you all can get out and do something really fun this weekend!

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  5. Hey pretty momma! E has grown so much! Her hair is adorable! She's so pretty! Hope she is feeling much better by now. It's that time of year... We're all sick too and it seems like a never-ending cycle!