Monday, January 3, 2011

{My Kitchen Counter} Right Now

If you walked into my house right now this is what you would see:

1. Pain reliever for big people and little people
2. 4 boxes of over the counter sinus medicine
3. 2 boxes of breathe right strips
4. Kleenex (I think we've gone through at least 3 boxes already)
5. 2 prescription medications for Ellington
6. 2 prescription medications for me
7. Clorox wipes
8. Amish friendship bread (which I have eaten for about 7's the perfect combo of tasty and bland when you are sick)
9. Goldfish crackers (which is apparently Ellington's equivalent to Amish friendship's pretty much all she's eaten for 3 days)
10. Ellington's discharge papers from the ER. (Yes, that's right...the ER!!!)
11. Thermometer
12. My keys (I guess for a speedy getaway?!)

Not pictured: Ellington's eye drops, Ellington's ear drops, and my prescription in the fridge)

Whew...looks like we're having a fun New Year, huh??!! Last week I took Ellington to the doctor on Tuesday. He said she had a cold and we got a prescription for some cold medicine. Fast forward to Friday night's New Years meal out. She was soooo irritable and Robert and I discussed our sadness that our easy days with Ellington might be over as she was getting a little older and having more of an opinion. Well, it turns out she was SICK. (Also note that during all of this Robert and I are sick as well.) Saturday we watched the football game and enjoyed a Bulldog victory, but Ellington was not herself. She wasn't eating well and constantly wanted me to hold her. She had a high fever Saturday night. Sunday morning she continued with the high fever and woke up with her eyes matted shut. It was PITIFUL!!! I found out from a friend that there is a clinic in Columbus opened on Sundays and that they accepted children 15 months and older. That was perfect because E turned 15 months on Sunday! We drove to Columbus to get there right when it opened and there was already a line of people waiting outside. (Which by the way was really sad because it was COLD and some of those people were really sick!). We also discovered a note that said that they changed their policy (in Dec.) and wouldn't see anyone under 18 months. What??!! I even talked to someone in the attempt to sound really pitiful, but of course they weren't going to bend the rule. So, we came back to Starkville just planning on making it through the day until we could see her pediatrician on Monday. Shortly after we got back home her fever got up to 103.1 under the arm (and since you are suppose to add a degree when you do it under the arm, technically it was 104.1). So, we went to the ER! Her diagnosis was severe upper respiratory infection, double ear infections, and conjunctivitis. And can I just say that having to hold her down on the exam table was HORRIBLE??!! All the while Robert and I are so sick as well that we can hardly stand it. (We were planning to all be seen at the clinic in Columbus but weren't going to force Ellington to stay there for hours for us when she was so sick.) So, E ended up with 2 shots, 2 prescriptions, ear drops, and eye drops. This morning I went to the doctor. It was one of the hardest decisions I have made because if I put Ellington down she SCREAMED. I didn't want to leave her when she was so sick, but I knew I had to be better to take care of her. Robert and Ellington actually ended up having to come to the drs. office too after about an hour because she wanted me so much. Poor baby. Yesterday and today have been HARD, but we are making it. I will be so happy when we are all better! I am actually taking Ellington to her pediatrician tomorrow because she still isn't doing so great.

(If you are still reading this I am's quite wordy!)

I think very often people underestimate the work of the Devil in our lives. There are a few areas (BIG areas) of our lives that Robert and I are going to work on this year. I truly believe (and if you disagree, that's ok) that this is a roadblock to discourage and throw us off course. One of the areas is getting ON TRACK financially and getting totally out of debt. Well, we've already spent hundreds of dollars (doctor's vists, er visit, lots and lots of medicine) and it's only January 3rd!!! That's just one example of how an area we are trying to change has been impacted. But we are trying SO hard to not let this ordeal throw us off course!

I've got a few pictures to post of New Year's Eve and Gator Bowl day, but right now I'm going to get on the couch! I just wanted to check in and update everyone.

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  1. And you know your mother hates that she can't really do anything to help....You know how bad you felt about leaving Ellington, well, that's how your Mom feels at times too. As mothers we think we are supposed to fix things and make things better and when we can't it is so frustrating and it breaks our heart. Sunny days are ahead.