Thursday, June 30, 2011

Destin - Days 1 & 2

Where better to start than the beginning?  Early Saturday morning Robert, Ellington, and I headed for Destin, Fl.  My Dad has a convention there every year and we tag along. :)  This year Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson came as well.  I hadn't been on a vacation with my brother in several years so it was quite a treat! 

The drive went about as expected with a toddler, although not completely horrible!  In the picture below we had stopped at Barnes & Noble in Mobile to let Ellington run around for a bit.  They had a train table out that she love playing with!!!

We were actually the first to arrive at the resort (but only by a few minutes!).  Ellington was waiting for everyone else to arrive!

After bringing ALL of our stuff in, Ellington enjoyed some fresh strawberries that my parents picked up at a Farmer's Market on the way down.

On Saturday night Robert, Ellington, and I went to supper at Pompano Joe's.  Everyone else had eaten a big late lunch, but we had eaten a small early we decided to head on to supper earlier than everyone else wanted.  I LOVE eating right on the beach.  It's one of my favorite things about vacations!!!

Ellington hasn't been too much into coloring because she hasn't ever figured out how hard to least I think that was the problem.  Her lines would always be super light.  Well, on this trip she figured out how to do it!  She was so happy about her artwork!

On Sunday morning all of us kids (and our kids!) were up before my parents.  I am pretty sure that hasn't ever happened.  We all reversed roles!

Sunday morning we hit the pool.  I didn't get many good pictures.  I guess I was too busy just enjoying our time!  Ellington loved the pool, but she kept wanting to stand in the deep water.  She didn't understand that it would be over her head.  She got REALLY frustrated about this! 

We all went to lunch together and then made a quick trip the bookstore.  When we got back to the resort they were still cleaning our rooms, so we hung out in the lobby for a bit!  After that, it was time for naps!

After nap time, the three of us went to the Bass Pro Shop.  Ellington LOVES going to stores that have lots of animals, so we thought she would enjoy it.

Sunday night Robert and I got a special treat.  We got to go out on a date!  We went to Harry T's and thoroughly enjoyed our time together!!!  After a trying afternoon with Ellington, I really needed and appreciated a night out with just Robert.  I forgot get a picture of us together, but here I am before we left with Emerson...

And, with Ellington too!  She was smiling so big she closed her eyes!

After supper, we stopped at The Donut Hole to pick up a key lime pie for everyone to enjoy and a few donuts for the next morning.  We had a great (and much appreciated!) night out!

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip...

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  1. oh so fun! i keep hearing things about Destin - it must be pretty awesome. great idea to stop at B and N to let her play and burn off some energy. i'm going to remember that for road trips! and you look beautiful. so does e.