Friday, December 5, 2014

Gatlinburg Part 1

In early November we went to Gatlinburg with Robert's side of the family!  We went at this same time of year when Ellington was Finley's age so it was fun going back but with two children this time.  We started off making some work related stops for Robert.  On a Tuesday evening we drove to Huntsville, AL and spent the night.  He checked in at the office there in the morning and then we headed to Chattanooga, TN.  We weren't really very familiar with Chattanooga but we loooved the downtown area!  We walked around and ate lunch at Sticky Fingers.  The weather was beautiful and we just had so much fun together!

Robert had to go to the Chattanooga office after lunch and then we hit the road again for Gatlinburg.  The drive wasn't bad at all because we chopped it up so much!  The only hard part was that Finley only slept 30 minutes the whole day on Wednesday.  

On Thursday morning we got a special treat!  Laura offered to keep all of the kiddos so the parents could go to the outlet mall without children.  What a blessing!  I think someone offering to keep your children is just the most gracious thing ever.  I never take someone else watching my children for granted!  It's always such a blessing for a weary Mama! :)

When we got back from shopping Robert and I took all of the kids to a playground that was literally right next to our cabin.  They all loved it but Finley especially!  It was her first time to go to a playground where she could really participate.  She kept her Daddy BUSY!

On Thursday afternoon everyone kind of did their own thing.  Robert, Ellington, and I went for a little drive in the National Park while Mimi stayed at the cabin with a napping Finley.  It was fun having some one on one time with Ellington!

Late Thursday afternoon we went to the indoor waterpark at the place we were staying.  Of course Ellington was LOVING every minute!  Her favorite thing was the lazy river.

Such a fun time!  I'll post more pictures from our trip soon!

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