Friday, December 19, 2014

The Big 3-0

I turned 30 on Dec 6!  I wasn't dreading it at all.  I got married at 23 and had Ellington at 24.  I think I have been feeling old for awhile. :)  And honestly, with getting married and becoming a Mama so young....I am looking forward to "finding myself" a little more in my 30s.  I didn't have much time for "me" in my 20s.  I am actually looking forward to my 30s!

To be completely honest, the day of my birthday was one of the worst days of my life.  Lovely, right?  We have had MAJOR vehicle problems lately as well as other things and two big problems came to a head on my birthday.  Or I guess I should say, reality slapped us in the face and it wasn't pretty.  At all.  I cried a lot.  The day was bad.  We tried our best to still make it fun (especially for Ellington...she loooooves a birthday!)  

Robert got me a double doozie birthday cake!  Yum-o!  It looks like it's for "Lance" but whatever!!!  It was DELICIOUS! 

Eek!  No make up.  Oops.  See?  I don't think I even look 30! Haha :)

We decorated our little artificial tree.  Ellington actually did most of it!  And I didn't even move her ornaments around.  She clumped a lot together and didn't do it like I would, but honestly....who cares??!!  I just let her take over and she loved it!  

We had recorded the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Plaza and watched it while we decorated. 

The day was stinky.  It was super bad and I felt awful.  I was exhausted from the emotion of the day.  But ya'll?  These two???? So precious and I will go through as many hard days as I need to to make things great for them!  

We ended the night by driving through a big Christmas light display at a nearby park.  It was a GREAT way to end the day and we all loooooved it!

Even though it was a HARD day I still was able to enjoy some sweet time with my family.  I am looking forward to this new decade! :)

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  1. I have to say that the 30s aren't so bad. I didn't like telling people I was 30 but 31 and so on are freeing! Sorry it was a crappy day or that it was real life on a day we feel like it shouldn't be. The cake looks yummo, the girls are smiling, and the lights are pretty.