Thursday, December 4, 2014


It turned suuuuuper cold on Halloween.  It was windy and just plain bitter cold.  We were sad about it but because we had already done so many fun Halloween things, it wasn't like it was the one "big" night!  We had two excited girls nonetheless!  

We wanted to start tick or treating as soon as Robert got home because it was cold and as soon as the sun started going down it was only going to colder. At this point our neighborhood was still one was out and about yet.  We decided to get in the car and kind of drive and see if we could find anywhere that was already in the swing of it.  We went to a nearby neighborhood and people were already trick-or-treating so we decided to join in!  Ellington was sooooo excited!

Did I mention that it was COLD??!!  We were all kind of miserable.  After a few houses even Ellington was ready to be done.  I was honestly a little disappointed but when we got home we had SO MUCH fun!  I had chili in the crock pot.  We ate and Ellington passed out candy.  She loooooved passing it out!  It was really such a fun night once we got home!  We had TONS of trick-or-treaters!  We actually ran out of candy.  

The highschool across the street from us had some kind of fall festival in the parking lot so I think we got lots of people from that once they were done there.

What a fun night!

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