Saturday, December 20, 2014

Emerson is 4!

Emerson and I both have birthdays on December 6th! His party was on Sunday December 7th at the Children's Museum! We were super excited about the location because we hadn't been since Ellington was almost 2.  We got there pretty early to spend lots of time playing.  It was soooo much fun and we loved celebrating Emerson!

We were there for just a few minutes before Emerson got there and once he got there we basically never saw Ellington again! :)  They had the BEST time playing together!!!

Finley loooooved being able to walk everywhere and just play, play, play!

Pop, Pappaw, and Reagan came a little closer to party time.  We had already been playing for quite awhile and were worn out and needing a snack. :)

Finley and Pop are big buddies! :)

Time to PARTY!

We had so much fun at Emerson's party and love watching him grow up!

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