Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas time is our favorite!  We just love it!  I guess most people do, huh?!  We actually decorated (everything but our tree) before Thanksgiving because we are THOSE people.  Haha.  As long as I am not hosting Thanksgiving....I am all about decorating early!  I do however, wait until after Thanksgiving to dress the girls in their Christmas clothes.  So, the Sunday after Thanksgiving...we were READY! :)

The sweetest sisters!

Sunday evening we went to get our Christmas tree.  We actually don't have the tree anymore.  Ha!!!  I thought I would post pictures anyway. :)

The "winning" tree

So, what happened to our tree?  Well....Ellington's allergic.  Every.single.year Ellington gets sick in December.  We've always wondered if it was the tree but we couldn't ever specifically pinpoint it.  Plus, by the time we've bought and decorated a tree....we just carry on. Ha.  Poor thing.  This year it was OBVIOUS that it was the tree.  The morning after we brought the tree home she woke up with blood shot eyes and was suuuuuper sick and snotty.  Robert and I decided the tree had to go.  It was a hard decision because we had just scrapped enough money together to buy the tree.  We really couldn't afford to just get rid of it AND buy an artificial tree.  The Lord worked it out for us though!  Robert's sister's family got our real tree and we were able to borrow an artificial tree from someone else.  Are we sad we can't have a real tree? Yes.  But, as soon as it was gone Ellington was completely better so obviously it was worth it! 

The night that we got our tree the girls got a few surprises!  They each got a new Christmas book and Christmas pajamas!

A couple of days later Ellington decorated the little tree in her room.

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  1. I love the idea of giving a book and pjs the first night the tree is decorated! Glad God provided a solution.