Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites {Cleaning Tip}

One of my favorite cleaning tips came from the bloggy world a couple of years ago. I can't remember where I read it, but I always remembered it and recently put it into action!

Introducing my new friend....
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!
I am sure Magic Erasers are handy at cleaning lots of things, but I use them to clean Ellington's white sandals and white Keds.  And ya'll....they really are "magic"!!!  When her Keds started looking a little rough, I remembered this little cleaning tip and tried it out.  I couldn't believe how much better her shoes looked!  Recently I used them on her sandals with the same results.  I also was given a pair of hand-me-down white Keds for Ellington.  I was excited when my friend told me about them because we are about to need a pair in a bigger size, but when I saw them I was really disappointed because they were SOOOO dirty.  I really thought they would have to be thrown away.  Well, I tried out my Magic Eraser and new shoes!  Go right now and buy a Magic Eraser for your kids shoes.  You will want to clean them every day! :)


  1. I never thought to use it on shoes!! That is an awesome tip. And, yes, when I go to Target I will be getting one of those Magic Erasers. :)

    Thanks for linking up today as well!


  2. I love MAgic Erasers, but I've never thought of using them on shoes. I'm heading to the girls' rooms to pull out their sandals for a good cleaning right now! Thanks!

  3. wow! i have tennis shoes i could definitely use a magic eraser on. i'll have to get one next time i go grocery shoppping. thanks for the tip!