Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Robert, Ellington, and I went on a little one night getaway to Jackson.  For about a year I had been wanting to spend one night in Jackson so that we could go to a MS Braves baseball game and check out the new Mississippi Children's Museum now that Ellington is a little older.  Plus, we hadn't been there since we spent a few hours there on Christmas Eve. 

This was the first time we've really stayed in a one room hotel room with Ellington.  It was definitely an adventure!  Ellington's favorite part of the whole weekend was the hotel room. :)  When we first got there, she did what all kids do...jump on the bed!

Ellington only took a 45 minute nap Friday afternoon, so we went to Barnes & Noble for a snack.  Reagan met us there after she got off of work.  Ellington decided to put on a show for her! 

Our original plan was to go a baseball game Friday night, but with a temperature right around 100 and a heat index even higher, we decided against it!  It might have been fine if we were able to to leisurely watch the game while sipping on a Coke, but we would have been up and down and all around with a very active that didn't sound like much fun.  We met Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson at The Trace Grill for supper.

I know this is so silly, but I was SO excited about going to the continental breakfast at the hotel as a little family of three.  This was our first time to do anything like this together and I felt like going down to the lobby for breakfast was such a legit family thing to do. :)  I told everyone at supper the night before how excited I was and someone asked if I was going to take a picture.  My answer: "Of course!!!!"

Ellington loved riding in the elevator at the hotel, but she always insisted on being held!  She would stop several steps before we even got to the elevator to say, "Hold you!".  I don't know why she felt like she couldn't stand on her own!

Saturday morning we went to the new children's museum!  It was a lot of fun and I know Ellington will enjoy it even more as she gets a little older! 

This little boat area was Ellington's FAVORITE!  They had a little station where you built your boat and then a little river that they raced down.  She could have stayed right there

We had such a great weekend together as a family!  While things are MUCH better than this time last year (as far as the amount of time we get to spend together), some weeks are still pretty tough.  Robert goes in to work most nights about 5:30 pm and works 12 hours shifts...then typically works 6 days a week.  On the day he has off, he has to sleep some because he worked the whole night before.  All of that to can still be challenging at times!!!  We treasure every second we have together!  It's so wonderful making these memories with Ellington and see her discover the world!

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  1. And after at the fairgrounds! I am so glad that you all had a good time and it was great seeing all of you on Saturday evening.