Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day

We had a great day together as a family celebrating Father's Day.  I was SO EXCITED about Father's Day.  We didn't get Robert anything super special to be so excited about, but I was just thrilled to have a day to celebrate him and ALL he does for us!!!  I was definitely more excited than he was I think. :)  Robert usually works 10-12 hour shifts 6 days a week and then also takes fabulous care of Ellington and me.  If I worked that much I am pretty sure I would be good for nothing when I got home.  What a great man he is. 

Robert slept in a little on Sunday morning.  Our church has moved to one service (at 10:30) during the summer, so we go an hour later than usual.  Since Robert goes in to work Sunday night and works all night, we try to be extra quiet and let him get extra rest!  While he was sleeping I taught Ellington to say "Happy Father's Day".  When it was time to wake him up I told her to go in and tell him.  She did not disappoint!!!  She crawled over to him on the bed and enthusiastically said, "Hap Ather's day!" and gave him a big hug and a kiss!  It was the most precious thing I have ever seen.   I am pretty sure if that's the only good moment Robert had on Father's Day, it would have been MORE than enough.  Funny enough, Ellington actually said "Da Da" for the first time last year on Father's Day!

We presented Robert with his presents before church!

This picture is so funny to me.  Ellington was trying so hard to be patient while Robert read his card, but she was staring down the presents on the coffee table.  She was ready to move on!

Daddy got a new flag for the front of our house.  Our current flag has seen better days!

He also got a BBQ/grilling cookbook.  This book is AMAZING!  If you know anyone who likes this type of thing I strongly recommend it.  It's from Southern Living.  I wanted to take a picture of Robert & E with the cookbook and she grabbed the flag to pose with!  Ha!  She looks like she's being tortured though!

A Father's Day kiss!
(Ellington is OBSESSED with all things MSU.  She carries this flag around like it's the best prize in the whole wide world!)

We enjoyed a delicious lunch after church and Robert and Ellington had long naps.  In fact Ellington slept until 3:45 and only got up then because I woke her up.  We are usually lucky if she sleeps until 2:30!  We then enjoyed supper with our small group from church.  It was such a relaxing, non stressful day.  I think that's a perfect day in any parent's book! 

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