Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Hi I found your blog while commenting on my friend Carrisa's post this morning which was so awesome BTW! anywho I just love your bloggy and the header pics are so cute! Your daughter is so precious I love her name BTW and I love that pic of her in the header photo slashing in the splash park and those cute pics in your wordless wednesday post! I couldn't be wordless if I tried ha! I have a daughter my precious miracle Kelcee who is 4! I will follow you once blogger quits being wierd and shows the follow button LOL


  2. her shoes are so cute. how come she looks older and bigger every time i visit your bloggity blog?! they grow too quickly. savor, savor, savor the sweet memories!

  3. and yes, she's gorgeous but that goes without saying. : )