Saturday, November 19, 2011

Her First Haircut

On Friday afternoon we got Ellington's hair cut for the first time!  She has been needing it for awhile, but I just wasn't ready to do it!  :)  We only got the ends trimmed and got everything evened out.  Misty has been cutting my hair since I was a about 8 years!  Of course I wanted Misty to cut Ellington's too!  I thought E would cry, but she didn't at all!  She did great!  Robert was sweet to go with us too.  He wanted to be there for the big event and he was able to take pictures and then hang out with Ellington while I got my hair cut!

1 comment:

  1. oh how cute! i am so amazed at how long her hair has gotten. Sage is still in the baby mullet stage. at this rate she will be 8 before a hair cut. ha! e looks so cute. you can tell she's a girl and really enjoying it. Hunter usually cries bloody murder for hair cuts. :)