Wednesday, November 9, 2011

School Days

I decided to take my camera to school the other day so that I could take a few pictures of our life at school.  I figure that one day I will really like that I have these. :)  So, welcome to our school!

Here's my little room....

Ellington LOVES playing in my room.  She always has lots of fun playing while I get ready for the day.

Here are my kids!  We have been doing an Indian unit complete with shirts, headbands, drums, totem poles, a Buffalo hunt, and painting on Buffalo hide.  It was FUN but I am TIRED.  :)

And here is Ellington's classroom!

Ellington brought this leaf artwork home from school and I LOVE seeing it hang in our window. 

I feel SO blessed to have a job I love that requires me to only work three mornings a week.  I still get to be with Ellington the majority of the time and I am in the same building with her when we are apart.  Not only do I love our school, but Ellington does too!  I feel so blessed!

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