Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we always go to my parent's church for the big Thanksgiving potluck.  I think Robert looks forward to it all year long. :)  So, we headed to Philadelphia on Sunday morning.  Everyone else also came on Sunday because we had family pictures made on Sunday afternoon with the whole family.  We got the proofs back quickly and they turned out great, despite Ellington's complete lack of cooperation!  Robert had to head back to Starkville for work, but Ellington and I stayed in Philadelphia for Sunday and Monday nights.  I did a TERRIBLE job of taking pictures while we were there.  I only have the pictures below...Bryant reading to Ellington on Sunday and Ellington playing in the leaves on Monday.  Oh well! 

On Wednesday we headed to Brownsville, TN to spend Thanksgiving with the Connerley family!

Thursday morning we watched the parade in our pjs! Sooooo fun!

The parade was a little long for Ellington's taste.  Mimi helped entertain her!

This is Ellington waving to Santa. :)

Ellington LOVED this toy that the Connerley kids played with when they were little!

Our Thanksgiving 2011 family picture

Our Thanksgiving supper spread.....

Ellington was in heaven when Connor got there on Thursday night.  She LOVES playing with him and following him around!  

Sweet Brody

On Friday we went to the park.  Brownsville has a new, fantastic park!

Sweet cousins

We had a great Thanksgiving and are trying to get settled back into a routine after being gone most of last week.  And now we're gearing up for Christmas!!! :) 


  1. Looks like E had a wonderful time with the Connerleys. Glad you all could make the trip. We missed you, but our day was good, too, with Reagan, Bryant, LeAnna, Emerson, Pappaw and Aunt Doris.

  2. Such good pictures! I LOVE the one of Brody, Connor and Ellington all holding hands! So sweet! The greatest niece and nephews ever! :) You should add the big Connerley family photo to this post.