Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daddy's Home & Halloween

Robert got home Sunday afternoon and we were SO happy to see him!!!  It was lonely around here without him!  We made him a sign to welcome him home. 

Yesterday (Halloween), Ellington had a fall party in her classroom.  (I had one in my classroom too!).  I tried to gt a good picture of E before school, but this is the best I could do!

I didn't have any plans for us on Halloween.  I think I had been focused on making it through the weekend without Robert here that I really didn't give Halloween much of a thought.  So, basically our plan was that we weren't going to do anything.  At school Monday all of the kids were having so much fun and so excited about their evening plans.  I knew we HAD to do SOMETHING!  I really wanted E to trick-or-treat, but Ellington doesn't eat candy and our neighborhood doesn't have trick-or-treaters.  So, we finally decided to go to FBC's Fall Festival.  It's a community wide thing, but since we don't go to church there anymore I felt kind of weird about going.  But, we decided to go and I am SO glad we did!  Ellington had so much fun!!!  She just played in the toddler area (like last year).  Maybe next year we'll do some of the other fun games and activities!

I LOVE this black cat that she made at school!

I can't believe we just celebrated Ellington's THIRD Halloween AND it's already November!  Time is rushing by too quickly!

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