Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hunt for the Perfect Tree

Saturday was the day to get our Christmas tree!  We carried through with our usual tradition and made a breakfast stop by Shipley's Donuts.

And don't let the Santa cup fool you....it leaks like crazy and is terribly annoying.  It's Ellington's favorite cup, of course. :)

Ellington always likes to rock for a spell at the co-op.

Following Daddy to find the perfect tree....

As it turns out, Ellington didn't so much enjoy the picking out of the Christmas tree.  Oh well. :)  

Here's our tree!  E thought it was so funny that it was on top of the vehicle!

Robert started putting the lights on the tree Saturday afternoon.

And after a light situation (isn't there always one?!), we commenced decorating on Sunday...

Ellington LOVED decorating the tree!

We also brought out the nativity that we bought after Christmas last year (for half off!).  Ellington loved it!

I had always wanted to start the tradition of opening a new pair of Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, but I am much too practical for that.  I wanted E to be able to wear them all month long!  So, we decided opening them as an after Thanksgiving day tradition would work just as well.

Cute new Christmas jammies!

We are so excited that the Christmas season is here!

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