Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Parade, a Pep Rally, and a Basketball Game!

This weekend is homecoming weekend in Starkville, so there is a lot going on!  My Dad stayed in Starkville in a hotel on Thursday and Friday nights because he had a meeting here.  On Friday afternoon when we told Ellington that Pop was coming over, she rushed to the door to wait for him!  We can't tell her anyone is coming over until a few minutes before they arrive because otherwise she would want to stand at the door and watch the WHOLE time!

After vising for a little bit inside, Ellington and Pop spent a little time outside.  Ellington loves playing in the leaves!

A little before 5:00 we went to campus for the homecoming parade.  This was the first time for any of us to go!

Having snacks (since we are usually having supper at this time), waiting on the parade.  Ellington had NO clue what "parade" meant, but she was excited. :)

Here it comes!

Ellington was SO excited to see Bully!  She just waved and waved!

I was shocked at how few people were there!  Ellington got lots and lots of necklaces and candy.  She thought it was so fun collecting her stuff! 

Right after the parade was the pep rally.

Our coach!

After the pep rally we walked to the Union and had a quick supper.  We then walked to the Hump for a basketball game.  The game started at 7:00 and we walked in with about 30 seconds on the clock until game time.  Perfect timing! :)

Ellington really enjoyed the game and we stayed through about halftime.  She could have made it the whole time, but we just decided to go ahead and go home to get her to bed since we had already had such a big evening.  We had a blast on the first night of Homecoming weekend and we were so happy to have Pop with us!

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  1. The joys of living in Starkville! So glad you all had a good time.