Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Beauty Shop

Lately Ellington's hair has looked pretty stringy and a million different lengths.  In general...not the best look.  For some reason I was having a hard time committing to cutting it.  I have always hated when parents were weird/dramatic about getting their child's hair cut.  I's just hair.  Come on people.  But then I became weird and dramatic.  How did that happen?  Who knows.  But all I know is that I finally decided to do something about it and that day was today!

The "before" hair:

Annnnnnnd.....the after!

Oh MY WORD!  How cute?!  Why did I wait so long??!!  Although I must add that it probably won't always look quite this cute.  They had to use the straight iron on her hair to make sure it was cut evenly.  Obviously I am not going to straight iron my 2 year old's hair so it won't always look quite like this.  For some reason in the picture below it doesn't look like her her is cut straight, but I promise it is!  I am not sure why the picture looks quite like that.  But anyway, as you can's much shorter!

Ellington did GREAT getting her hair cut!  She loves it!

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  1. Your Mom Says:
    So cute. I love it.