Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Exactly Hippos and Giraffes

Saturday we met our small group friends for lunch and then we went to the Vet School for their Open House! When we told Ellington that we were going to see some animals she requested hippos and giraffes. Ha! Well, we saw some animals, but not those particular ones. :)  We had so much fun...especially since we got to go with our friends!   Our friend Todd is actually in Vet School so he gave us a great personalized tour!

Our first stop was the horses.  Ellington loves horses so this was right up her alley!  

Sweet Wade just took it all in! 

We then moved on to the petting zoo.

The first animal was a rabbit.  Ellington was eager to get her hands on anything and everything!  She wasn't scared a bit!

Ellington LOVED watching this pig play.  He was tugging and playing with the stuff in his pen and she kept talking about how the pig was just trying to put on his dress. :)

Ellington had a big "first" while we were there.  She got her face painted!

Trying to get a picture of all three kiddos was truly hysterical!  

Ellington loved all of the skeletons! 

After the petting zoo, face painting, and skeleton tour...we went to an animal show where we saw lots of dogs, snakes, a miniature cow, and a few other kinds of pets.  We had a blast and we were all TIRED once we got home!  We are thankful for new friends to do fun things with!

When we asked Ellington what her favorite animal she saw was, she answered with "the penguin".  There was a video of an animal show when we went in the room for the real animal show.  The first thing we saw was the clip of the penguin.  So, while we gave Ellington this hands on experience her favorite thing was something she saw on the screen.  Nice. :)

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  1. how fun! my kids would be on cloud nine. i imagine they'd ask for the safari kinds of animals, too! at least they dream big, right?! e looks so pretty and is getting so grown up.