Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School Party & Egg Hunt

Thursday Ellington's class had an Easter party and egg hunt.  Thursday isn't our normal day to be at school, but they just had one party and you could come even if it wasn't your day.  I liked it being on Thursday because I got to stay for the whole thing!  I think Ellington was more excited about the fact that I was staying with her than the actual party.  She kept saying "Mama stay with you".  :)  It was FUN but it made me sooooo glad that I teach older kids now. :)  Whew.  I don't know how they do it every day!

How cute are they??!!

There were baby chicks at the party!

We knew it was suppose to rain Thursday morning so a few people quickly hid eggs.  As soon as we got out there it was raining.  Thankfully the playground is under a couple of big trees so we didn't really notice it much while the kids quickly found some eggs!

Ellington found her friend Austin to show her the eggs she found.  She was SO PROUD!

I had about 10 takes of this picture and most of them are hilarious!  Not an easy task!

In one of E's goody bags there were some peeps.  She asked to try it so I gave it to her.  I was quite surprised when she took one bite...and then another.  I HATE peeps so I guess I expected her to as well. :)  Right after the second bite she started spitting it all out.  I guess she is my child after all!

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