Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun in Philadelphia

After we got back home from the Easter party on Thursday morning, we eagerly awaited Grams' arrival to take Ellington to Philadelphia with her.  Thursday was our anniversary so Robert had planned for us to spend a night in Birmingham and for Ellington to stay with my parents (without my knowledge...which was fun!).  Anyway, before Grams got to our house I decided to give E a little pep talk.  She didn't know she would be going and I wanted to ease her into it and talk her down if she got upset that I wasn't going too.  Well, I started telling her that Grams was coming and that she would ride with Grams back to Philadelphia...before I could even get it all out, Ellington put her little hand on my shoulder and said, "Mama, you stay here".  HA!!!!  She didn't need me after all. :)

When she got to Philadelphia, she found a new grill to play with!

Ellington got a fun surprise on Friday morning.  They made bunny cupcakes!

Ellington had the best time while we were gone, but I think Robert and I might have had even more fun!  We had the BEST time away.  It was so much needed and we just enjoyed every second of our time together.  We also got in some great shopping!  Robert and I have both lost a lot of weight and didn't have much to wear anymore.  It was fun shopping without a two year old tag-along. :)  Robert and I got to Philadelphia on Friday evening...ready to start the Easter weekend!

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