Friday, August 16, 2013

Ballet and Preschool

Finley isn't the only one experiencing firsts around here!  Last week Ellington started ballet for the first time and she started a new year of preschool!

We saved Ellington's money that she got for Christmas to pay for ballet this year.  I knew she would LOVE it.  The whole signing up process was a little stressful because I didn't think about the fact that it would be time for a new semester of ballet to start until the Friday before the week that classes started.  And, we were at the fair then!  So on Monday afternoon before her class started on Tuesday I took both girls with me to sign her up.  Then we had to go through the whole process of attempting to acquire everything she needed at the last minute.  The dance school had a leotard and tights in her size but did not have ballet slippers or tap shoes.  They directed us to Payless (Starkville has almost ZERO options for shopping for this kind of thing!).  Of course Payless didn't have her size in either.  The whole ordeal was stressful because it was my first time to do multiple errands with both girls and it was rainy.  Also, I felt like I was totally out of my element and didn't know what we needed, especially since it was so last minute.  The school ordered her ballet and tap shoes and she had to do the first class without them.  My Mom also sent me a text during all of this saying that if she needed a dance bag that she wanted to get her one.  Well, I had no idea if she needed one because quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing!  When we got to class the first day I sent my Mom a message: "All of the girls have a bag but us.  Yes, we need one." :)  I mean, who knew?  Apparently my Mom.  Anyway, we had one VERY EXCITED ballerina on our hands!  

Look at that face!

Ellington has been extremely disappointed that they haven't learned to leap yet, but otherwise is loving her dance class. :)

We also started school last week.  To add to the stress of the day that I signed her up for dance and attempted to acquire everything she needed, we also had room visits at school.  It was a big day for this new Mama of two!  Wednesday she started school.  I am actually going to end up being her teacher this year.  It wasn't something we really wanted, but it's just how it worked out.  I won't start back until October.  She has a WONDERFUL substitute in the meantime!

First day of three year old preschool!

The first two weeks of school have been a little different because the air wasn't working at school so they had to meet in a different room with another class. 

Thankfully they were able to be back in their regular room today!  

We've been having a ton of changes around here, but hopefully we will settle into a routine now!  All of that will change when I have to start back to work :( but for now I think we have a good little system going.  Ellington goes to school on MWF mornings and dance class on Tuesday mornings.  It's great for her to have these fun things to do away from home because Finley's screaming was starting to wear on her nerves. :)  

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  1. Her smiley face! Made me tear up! :)