Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ellington's Adventure

When Finley was 2 weeks old, Ellington got a very special treat.  She got to spend the whole week with her cousins, Connor & Brody!  She was sooooo excited!  I was really nervous about her being gone for so long, but she did GREAT!  She had the best time and Robert and I really enjoyed a little special time with just Finley.  It was great for Ellington to have the opportunity to be able to be out and about and not stuck at home with a newborn and a tired Mama.  

Here she is - all packed up and ready for Daddy to drive her to Olive Branch.  She was SO ready!

They had a great week!  They did all sorts of fun things like library story time, the swimming pool, going out for icecream, bike rides, and even a trip to Build-A-Bear for new outfits for their animals.  We are so thankful to Uncle Brad & Aunt Julie for taking such good care of our girl!  I honestly didn't think she would want to come home.  And word is, she told Julie that her Mama said it would be ok for her to stay for a little while longer. :)  I love that she made such fun memories with her cousins!  She also got to see Uncle Jake, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Laura, Big Bob, and MiMi while she was there.

After a week full of fun, Brad and Julie brought Ellington back to Starkville and met baby Finley!  Connor, Brody, and Ellington were all sporting "Cousin Shirts" that they made themselves!  They even made a onesie for Finley. :)

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