Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Fair {Part 1}

When Finley was 3 weeks old, it was fair time so off to the fair we went! :)  Some people probably thought we were crazy for going to the fair with a newborn, but I wouldn't have missed it!  Not only would I have been sad about not being there, but it made way more sense to go anyway.  Ellington had a BLAST and we had so many people to help with her, we had lots of hands to pass Finley around, and we were FED all week long (this was my favorite part! ha!).  Robert couldn't stay the whole time so we decided to play it by ear as to whether or not the girls and I would stay or go back home with him, but we made it all seven nights!  I had LOTS of help from my family which I appreciated very much!  

This picture was taken on Friday when we got there.  Ellington was EXCITED! :)

Finley loved swinging!

My Dad bought a ton of peas so the first day was spent shelling peas!

Ellington was sooooo excited when Emerson arrived!

On Sunday we had a photographer take some pictures of all of us.  I snapped a few while we were waiting and in between what she was doing.

Sweet, precious Finley
3 weeks old

The photographer brought these huge suckers for Ellington and Emerson.  She has definitely never had such a big sucker before!!!

I love this girl. :)  I am so happy that my girls will always have each other just like we do!  We don't see each other much, or even talk all that much but we will always have a special bond and we can pick right up from where we left off no matter how long it's been!

Grams & Finley

Finley's name was added to the sign this year!  I love it!


  1. LOVED the shout-out! And the fair posts! Can there be 18 parts to the these? ;) Love you!

  2. So fun! I love reading about your time at the fair. I totally understand not wanting to miss it but I think you and Liza are super moms for going with newborn babies:) Glad it all went so well! Joseph starts school tomorrow. He is going to miss being a zebra but he's really excited about this new year!!