Monday, August 5, 2013

Finley and Ellington Meet!

Ellington stayed at a friend's house the morning that Finley was born. I couldn't decide if I wanted Ellington there while I was in surgery so she could see Finley be brought to the nursery, get a bath, etc. or if I wanted her to stay with someone and meet her later when we could all be together. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted Robert and I to really be able to experience seeing Ellington meet her sister for the first time, so she came to the hospital later in the day for the big moment!

Ellington made a bunny for Finley at Build A Bear a few months back so she brought it to the hospital to give to her!

Elligton meets Finley!
(These pictures are a little awkward because I had to lay flat on my back until 6pm)

I love how big Ellington is smiling!

I am so glad that they both have a sister!

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