Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

I need to rewind back to last Thursday to catch up on what's been going on around our house! This is a picture of Ellington taken while she was helping me put all of her new Spring and Summer clothes in her closet.

It's a really funny picture to me because she looks like a little person. Ha! I mean, I know that's what she is, but she doesn't look like a baby in it to me.

Thursday afternoon we went to our new pediatrician in West Point. It was a great visit and we were very pleased! We'll definitely be going back there. The doctor took time to explain whatever I needed to know and didn't seem to be in a hurry to get out of the room. Ellington weighed 16 lbs, 10 oz. and was 26 inches long. They didn't give us her percentages which was kind of a bummer (and I didn't think about it until we got home so I couldn't ask). All in all it was a great visit. Ellington showed us again that she doesn't really like other people! They had a separate waiting room for kids there for well visits (great idea!) which was pretty small and fairly full when we got there. Ellington started crying at the sight of other people so close and totally stopped when we were the only ones in there. She also had to get shots and that was not a pretty picture! Poor thing.

We are trying to put Ellington on her stomach more often, but she HATES it! Thankfully she is beginning to roll from stomach to back almost every time we put her in that position. She hasn't showed any interest in moving in any sort of way, so her consistent rolling makes this mama happy! I think this picture was taken Saturday morning.

Robert had to work Friday night which really stunk (since then he has to sleep on Saturday), but we were happy when he got up and was able to spend some time with us. I don't remember the last time we had a weekend where we didn't go anywhere, had no company, and Robert didn't have to work. We thought this past weekend we would achieve all of that, but at the last minute he found out he had to work. We are so thankful he has a job, but it is hard when it takes away from special family time.

Saturday night Robert grilled out and while he was doing that I decided to take a blanket out front and let Ellington play outside under the tree since the weather was just prefect. She loved it!!! She layed and played for about 45 minutes. I didn't even have to "entertain" her. She just kicked and squealed the whole time. It ended up being such a special, sweet time. And Robert's grilling?! Well it was delicious!

Sunday morning before church

I had a really hard time getting a picture where Ellington wasn't looking down at her clothes. Robert said it's because she knew there was a story on her clothes and she was trying to figure it out. Ha! It has circus pictures on it. I love this outfit! I got it on an overstock rack at a consignment sale so it definitely looks like I paid more for it than I did!

Maybe you are wondering how church went with the separation anxiety? Well, my mom is really probably the only person wondering that, but I'll fill you in anyway. :) I was SOOO nervous about trying to take her to church. We have been out of town for 2 (or maybe 3) of the last Sundays and one Sunday we were it's been awhile! When we were dropping her off she didn't cry immediately when someone else took her which I thought was a good sign, but I told them I didn't know how long she would make it and to just page me. (The church has pagers for the parents...nice, huh?) I also didn't hear her cry as we were leaving the building...another good sign. We got into church a few minutes early and I basked in a little time away. The service started and we made it through a few songs. Robert look at me like, "Can you believe it...we're still here!". And then...buzzz buzzzz. Yep, my baby needed me. We are ALWAYS early birds so I didn't realize how many people come in late. When I stood up to walk out the back I couldn't believe how many people were back there staring at me! Ha! I got to the nursery and they had her in another room by herself because she was FREAKING OUT! Poor thing! Of course she stopped crying once I had her. We stayed in the empty room and I rocked her. Church started at 8:30, I was in the nursery by 8:40, and she was alseep in my arms at 9:00. I hate I missed church but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy holding her as she slept. :) I think as she is getting more attached to me, I am getting more attached to her! She woke up about 9:30 which is about the time the worship service is over. Robert came and found us and we decided to just try and take her to Sunday School with us. Her Sunday School teachers said they would be glad to try again, but I knew I would have to come right back and if she was already upset she probably wouldn't want to sit through our class. I was so surprised that she actually did really well in our class!!! Robert had to take her out at the very end. I think she could have made it the whole time, but I didn't want to bother everyone else.

We came home and it was naps all around! Ellington had her afternoon nap, Robert slept because he had work last night, and I thought I would get one too! That's two weeks in a row for me...I am liking the trend! :)


  1. i love her church outfit! the backyard pics are presh!!! oh, she does look like a little person in that pic. how cute! glad you liked the new doc. my hunter hated tummy time. he finally rolled over at 6 mos and has turned out okay. : ) i was so worried though. ha ha! happy monday!

  2. I wish she had done better for you in the nursery, but if she had, I was going to be hurt....Just kidding. I do want her to get where you can leave her some. You need a break every now and then. The pics are cute as usual. She is really growing up.

  3. OH! MY!! I didn't realize this thing was signed in under Pappaw's name....I am sure that you know that he did not make the comment above....

  4. Ha! I was like, "Wow! Pappaw can blog!!!"

  5. I. Love. Your. Blog.

    And my niece.

  6. Oh the blue and white is adorable...need to see in person!!!

    hang in there with the separation stuff...luckily connor never had anything like that0hopefully it won't come for us until the teenage years!!!!ha!!!

  7. Lane, You can get growth charts off the CDC website so you can find out her percentages. We have to download them as dietitians when we see children in the hospital. Here are the links for some her age or you can google CDC growth charts. and