Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Bulldog Weekend

Super Bulldog Weekend is always a fun weekend in Starkville! You definitely can't complain about not having anything to do. Ellington's GiGi and Pop came and stayed with us for the weekend. In addition to enjoying having family around there are 2 things that usually happen when they come to town.

1. My dad works in the yard.

He worked in the yard ALL afternoon on Friday! Thanks Dad for all of your hard work. The yard looks GREAT!

2. My mom brings great goodies for Ellington!

Friday night while Robert grilled hamburgers we all enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.

Saturday morning was the Cotton District Arts Festival. We LOVE going every year and we were so excited about taking Ellington! Last year I was pregnant and we talked about how the next year we would have our baby with us and wondered if we would have a little boy baby or a little girl baby. Well, we had a little girl baby and that little girl baby did NOT like the festival! We love Ellington dearly, but sometimes she can be quite the little dramatic girl! She doesn't really like other people, or crowds, or noise, or sun....and well....that's exactly what the festival is! She was very fussy and we made a very quick trip of it. I did get a few pictures when she wasn't red faced and screaming. :)

When we dreamed of taking our little baby to the Arts Festival we never dreamed she would be this cute!

After the Arts Festival we headed back home to eat lunch and put Ellington down for a nap. My dad and my brother headed to the baseball game. Robert, Mom, Ellington, and I went to the Junction to check out what all was going on there. I REALLY wanted to go, but almost decided that we wouldn't go because of how Ellington had done that morning. I didn't want to get there and then just have to leave, but I am SO glad that we decided to go! We had a great time and the weather was fantastic!

I didn't want to leave the Junction because the weather was so great and we were having so much fun, but it was getting close to Ellington's nap time. She started falling asleep in the stroller on the way back to the car! Ellington is not a baby that just falls asleep places...she needs to be in her bed with everything just like she likes it. I don't think she's fallen alseep in her stroller since she was about 2 months old so she must have been REALLY tired! Bless her heart! She didn't like shopping at the festival, but she loved being on campus for the Bulldogs!


  1. Yay new blog! And a great one at that! The pictures are great, the outfits are great-y'all look like y'all had a blast and it was wonderful to read about!

  2. what fun! i've decided that your parents should visit you every weekend... i mean, yard work and a bunch of goodies for E?!? that rocks!