Thursday, April 8, 2010

Robert and I had a great anniversary date on Monday night! My sweet friend Elizabeth came over and watched the video monitor for us. :) We were so thankful to have her come over so we could go out for a little bit. We went to Harvey's and then drove around for a bit (yeah, Starkville is a pretty happening place!). Here we are before we left for out little date!

A few other random things:

Ellington has been waking up so 6 or before and taking 30-45 minute naps. It's been exhausting! I am sooo tired, but apparently she isn't! I put her to bed a good bit later last night, but she was still up bright and early this morning...she beat the sun!

We are going for Ellington's 6 month doctor visit today. We are trying out a new doctor in a different town and I really hope it's what we've been looking for! We've been disappointed with our doctor experiences thus far, so we thought we would try something new!

I am starting Weight Watchers and I am excited and totally not excited about it. I feel like putting that on the blog makes me have to lose weight or you all will judge me when I don't...ha!

This is a picture of Ellington yesterday. I am so loving all of her spring/summer clothes. We had gotten down to about 5 outfits that still fit and were weather appropriate so it's been fun to see her in something new! :) We bought a lot of clothes at the end of last summer when things were on clearance. I was really worried when she was born so big that nothing would fit at the right time, but she's evened out. :) My mom also brought Ellington a great big bag of spring/summer goodies when she went to the beach recently. This is an outfit my mom bought.


See how the picture is kind of dark around the edges? Well it's not some cool photo shop technique in case you were wondering. Remember when I wrote that I put my camera into the cake? Well, now the lens doesn't always open all the way and I don't always remember to check and see if it is...obviously this time I forgot!


  1. i love her outfit! spring/summer-time outfits are the cutest!!! so glad you had a fun date night!

  2. sooo CUTE!!! We have bought a few things for her what size is she wearing...might need to check on that before we mail or come bring them!?!!?
    I also wanna sew her something soon!!!