Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday Evening Picnic

On Sunday I had the great idea of going on a picnic. :) It was our first family picnic. Actually Robert and I have never been on a picnic together before either...crazy I know. And really, we've been missing out all this time because it was SO MUCH fun! The weather was perfect and Ellington was in a great mood.

Yummy food!

Robert and Ellington having a little chat.

We also practiced a few things on our picnic:


Rolling Over

Ellington has gotten great at rolling from her stomach to her back. She hates being on her stomach so she is so excited that she can now roll so quickly!

I almost forgot a funny thing that happened as we were about to leave! When we were about to pack up Robert had been holding Ellington and was handing her to me. When I got her I noticed that her leg was wet and then Robert made some type of surprised noise. Apparently there had been a diaper malfunction and Ellington had used the bathroom all over herself and Robert. It was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing!

The end.


  1. That bottom picture of you and E is so precious! Sounded like a beautiful day:)

  2. Brieleigh has that same dolly in the first picture! She loves it!

  3. what sweet family memories!!! we need to have ourselves a picnic!