Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

We had a very different weekend! We started off Friday late afternoon/early evening with bad weather. The tornado siren went off so we ended up here:

Ellington had been soooo fussy and wouldn't take her last nap of the day. Robert decided to fix a little bottle so see if she was hungry (even though it wasn't her usual time) and two bottles later she ended up taking TEN ounces! That was totally crazy because lately I have barely been able to get her to take four ounces. After eating all of that she passed out in my arms and we hung out in the hall. :)

I mentioned that we were going to go to Oby's on Friday night in my last post, but needless to say we didn't go because of the weather.

On Saturday there was bad weather all over the state all day. Robert was sleeping because he had to work Friday night so I kept checking in all day with the weather reports. At about 1:30 there were telling us that a TORNADO was making it's path across the state and would be in Starkville a little after 2:00. (This was the same one that went through Yazoo City) I was FREAKING OUT. The weather people were not messing around and they were scaring me! Normally I wake Robert up at 2:00, but I went ahead and got him up and we got the bathroom ready to ride the storm out in. Being a parent made this storm SO much more scary than any before. I didn't want anything to happen to Ellington and I didn't want anything to happen to us so she would still have parents!

I can't believe I posted that make up and all! Memories, right?

When the storm passed by (a couple of miles north of us thank goodness!) we came out of the bathroom only to find out that another was on it's way. GREAT! So we took a little break from the bathroom waiting on the second one to get closer. During this time Robert got a call that said he didn't have to work Saturday night. Yay! When the storm got closer we headed back to the bathroom for a little more quality family time. Thankfully we made it just fine that time as well! I grew up with a basement in my house so this was the first time that I had the bath tub experience! Once the weather passed it was the most beautiful day!

After Ellington had a quick nap we went to a Sunday School cook-out and had a great time fellowshiping (and eating!) with everyone. In our small class there are five babies born within a year of each Ellington has lots of little buddies!

Here we are on Sunday morning before church.

I have written about Ellington's separation anxiety a good bit. Well...after about 6 weeks she made it all the way through Sunday School and church in the nursery! She cried a little, but not nearly as bad as she has before. Hooray! I was so excited and proud of her!

Even though our weekend was a lot different than usual, we had a great one and enjoyed being together, which is my favorite thing about weekends!


  1. i'm so glad you guys stayed safe - thank the Lord!!! the bathtub pic is too cute - ellington looks as happy as ever!! definitely a sweet memory that you won't hopefully have to relive. thank goodness you were able to get out on sunday after a weekend stuck inside! i love the mommy daughter shot! you both look beautiful!!!

  2. Yeah for Ellington! I hope she keeps getting better with her separation issues...this grandmother would like for her to stay at my house sometime. And I am sure Ellington's mom wouldn't mind that either.