Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a great first Easter with Ellington! Although, in a way it was mine and Robert's first Easter as well. We were never together on Easter while dating and last Easter we were on our anniversary trip so we didn't have a traditional Easter. So it was fun to have them BOTH at my church in Philadelphia for the first time. (Well, it isn't really my church anymore, but I will always call it that!)

Warning: A serious picture overload is about to occur! There were just too many good ones!

We started out on Saturday morning at Polka Tots to visit the Easter Bunny. Ellington didn't mind. I don't even think she knew anyone was holding her...it was kind of like a furry couch or something!

Sweet picture before we left!

Downtown Starkville was having a Spring Open House.

After visiting the Easter bunny we headed to Philadelphia. This is Ellington when we arrived. So sweet.

Saturday night the whole family was at my parents for supper. My dad grilled pork chops and they were yummy!

After supper Pappaw played the harmonica for Ellington.

The whole family (minus Bryant who was taking the picture). I really hate this picture because I look HUGE-mongus. But, it has almost everyone in it so I wanted to include it!

Our sweet little family of 3.

Ellington LOVES to be tossed up in the air! You'll pretty much always get a smile!

The Easter Bunny came to visit Ellington! The basket on the left is from GiGi and Pop and the basket on the right is from the Easter Bunny. Who needs one basket when you can have TWO?! Actually she got 3 this year because her sweet cousin Connor sent her one as well!

This is our family right before leaving for church. We were REALLY tired. Ellington woke up A LOT the night before and we had to be at church at 8:00. We went to the outdoor service and the breakfast that followed. We knew Ellington needed a nap and there was pretty much no way she would stay in the nursery so we didn't stay for SS and the worship service.

Ellington let Pappaw hold her for about 2 seconds...long enough to get a picture!

I love this picture of Reagan, Dad, and Mom!

When we got back to Starkville we were sooo tired. I don't think I've been that tired since Ellington was a newborn. It was crazy. When Ellington went down for a nap at 3:45 Robert and I decided to take one too! I never ever nap...it doesn't matter how many times Ellington woke up in the night or what time she woke up in the morning, but I had to have one Sunday! I knew we wouldn't sleep long. Ellington is famous for her 45 minute naps and like I said, I don't nap so I didn't think I would sleep long. At 5:30 I woke up and was like, "Oh gosh! We all need to get up!" Ha. It was good though!!!

We had such a great Easter and hope that you did as well!


  1. love all the pictures!!! such great family shots! she looks beyond adorable in her bumbo! i love her dresses, too! glad you had a beautiful easter weekend.

  2. So glad you got these posted. You have some good pictures of your sweet girl. Glad you all could spend Easter with us. We love having you.

  3. Love your posts. So happy for your family especially Gigi and Pop. I love the picture of Ellington and her Papaw. All the pictures are so good, I could make a comment on each one. These blogs are wonderful. Thanks for doing it. I will enjoy keeping up with Susan's beautiful granddaughter. When I comment, it will always say "Gran" because that's what I am on my daughter's (Christie) blog and I'm not computer savvy enough to change it.