Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Months

Ellington is TEN MONTHS old today! Wow!!! Every month I say I can't believe it's been another month, but double digit months now??!!!

See, even Ellington can't believe she's getting so old! :)

Ellington, what are you up to at ten months old?
  • You are wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diaper.
  • You sleep 11-12 hours each night and take two naps a day.
  • You usually have three bottles a day and three baby food meals. You don't want ANYTHING to do with table food yet, but your appetite is definitely increasing! You eat SO MUCH baby food!
  • You do love eating Gerber yogurt melts. It's the only non baby food thing you'll eat.
  • You still do not want to drink out of a sippy cup.
  • You just started clapping your hands and saying bye.
  • You LOVE playing patty cake!!! You light it when someone starts saying it!
  • You now say: da da, uh oh, bye
  • You love being out and about in your stroller or in the grocery cart.
  • You love to babble and squeal!
  • You love tearing apart anything you can get your hands on...paper, napkins, magazines, etc.
  • You have started watching Gus more and more. One day I think you actually said "Gus" but I haven't heard you do it again.
  • Cups are still among your favorite toys.
  • You still LOVE fruit and tolerate your vegetables (no green ones though!!!)
  • You survived your first fair and did great! :)
  • You light up when you see your mommy and daddy and it MELTS our hearts!
  • You have a belly laugh that I am pretty sure is my favorite thing in the whole world.
  • Your tickle spots are on your side and on your neck. It gets you every time!
  • You will occasionally play independently, but you prefer having a play partner.

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