Saturday, August 7, 2010

Play All Day

Ellington spends most of her day playing! She loves taking all of her toys out of whatever they are stored in. She loves emptying, but not putting them back again. :) I guess we'll get to that one day!

My brother taught Ellington how to clap at the fair! :) Those sweet little hands clapping are, by far, the most adorable thing I've EVER seen!

Parent's Morning Out update: Ellington did much better on day 2 than day 1! The first day she would start crying if I walked just a little bit away from her, which I suppose is to be expected since we were somewhere new. However, yesterday she just played like it was no problem at all. We even had one who screamed for all 4 hours that we were there (whew!) and it surprisingly didn't seem to upset Ellington at all. Maybe we'll make it. :) Not seeing Robert much has definitely been hard though...and he had to work today (Saturday). But, we'll get through this. Just keep the prayers coming!

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