Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Shopping

On Friday after school, Ellington and I headed to Flowood to meet my mom, Reagan, and LeAnna to register/look at baby stuff! So fun! Ellington slept the whole 2 hour ride and we stopped at Chick-fil-A for a snack when we got there. We arrived before anyone else and it was so funny watching her realize that everyone else was showing up too! She was SO excited! After our snack break, we headed to Babies R Us so that LeAnna could register! It worked out great because Reagan entertained Ellington while I was able to give LeAnna my expert (ha!) opinion on all things baby. I hope I was able to help some. Baby stores can be soooo overwhelming!

Ellington was such a ham! She loves all attention, but especially loves attention from Reagan!!!

We spent quite awhile registering and after we were done Ellington, Reagan, and I ran into Hobby Lobby real quick so that I could look for some things I was needing for Ellington's birthday party. After that we headed to the Mellow Mushroom to eat! I hadn't ever eaten there before so it was new for me! Bryant also joined us for supper!

The only downside to supper was that we sat right in the sun and it was really hot!!! Poor mom and Reagan had it right in their faces...that's why Reagan has on Bryant's hat in this picture. (This picture makes it look like we were eating outside, but we were inside...and it was still really hot!!!)

Side note: Ellington doesn't really like people wearing hats. She always acts different around Robert when he is wearing one (he doesn't often) and while Reagan had it on, Ellington just kind of stared at her. The minute Reagan took it off she was laughing at her again! So funny.

After supper we headed to Target! Yay! I needed to buy another big stock of diapers and I always just love to look around. They always have the CUTEST little baby clothes, but it was on overload! I wanted to buy SO much for Ellington, but I tried to reign it in! Ellington was BEYOND tired at this point so after Target we had to head home. She was SO SWEET in the parking lot waving and telling everyone bye! She seemed so big...I just could have cried!

We had a GREAT time on our little afternoon adventure. I was telling Robert that it was so weird that I just had such an awesome time even though we didn't really do much...and then I realized it's because I hadn't really had fun in awhile. Robert's job is still super stressful for us. We see him 45 minutes a day and he usually works on the weekends (like this weekend he is working Saturday AND Sunday). Not only that, but that leaves me as the only one to take care of Ellington so I can't ever go to dinner with a friend or even run to the store alone. All that to say, a fun afternoon was VERY MUCH needed!!!


  1. Hey! Your mom told me you were thinking about doing a cupcake theme for Ellington's birthday. I did that for Annie's and I've got that Wilton jumbo cupcake pan if you want to borrow it (or I'll make you one. I've done a couple for other people). I've got recipes and instructions for a ton of other cupcake stuff too if you are interested. If you want to see any of it, just go to my blog and scroll down until you see February 2010 in the right hand column. Annie's birthday was the 24th so her birthday pics should be somewhere in that neighborhood.

  2. It was a fun afternoon. I am so glad you had a good time and Ellington was great. She is such a doll.

  3. Lane, Karie and I are praying for ya'll. Stay strong during these stressful times.