Sunday, February 20, 2011

Counting Down to Tubes

In an effort to keep Ellington well enough to have surgery for tubes on February 23rd, the doctor recommended that she not go to school where she would quite possibly (and most likely) pick up something else.  So, Ellington stayed with my parents all of Monday and Tuesday and half a day on Wednesday so that I could still go to work.  To say I was nervous about leaving her is an understatement.  She had gotten sooooo clingy to me and a sick baby is hard to deal with anyway.  However, my mom posted pictures for me daily and I was able to see that she was just FINE!!!  In fact, I think they all had a great time!  Here are some of my mom's pictures!  (By the way, they make me envious of her camera!)

Monday morning.  I would say she was pretty happy! :)

Reagan was there on Monday and they made cookies!  

Grams, Reagan, and Ellington went to the park.  (Cookies AND the park??!!  No wonder she had fun!!!)

LOVE this face!

This is one of my ALL TIME favorite pictures.  Priceless.

On Wednesday Reagan came to Starkville and we had lunch together (just the 2 of us!) before heading to Philadelphia to pick up Ellington.  I was SO happy to have her with me because on the way home Ellington BROKE DOWN and Reagan put on a puppet show for her.  :)  When we got back to town it was a beautiful day so we went to Grumpy's for a little outdoor dining.

Reagan was able to keep Ellington Thursday morning for us and Robert stayed up after working all night and kept her on Friday morning.  I am SO thankful for my family and their willingness to help us this week.  I am even more firmly convinced that families aren't really meant to move away from each other!  Everyone needs each other in times like these! 


  1. So thankful to be able to help. It was our pleasure.

  2. I agree with the families aren't meant to move away from each other. It is not worth it we have decided!