Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feeling Better Already

{Strolling with her balloons from the Connerley family and new bunny from Grams & Pop}

As you can see, Ellington is doing fantastic one day after surgery!  We have had the best day and you definitely can't tell she was in the hospital yesterday!  Today was such a fun day for the two of us.  Based on other people's stories I was pretty sure it would be fine for us to go to school today, but that just seemed really crazy to me.  I know plenty of kids who have done it, but I really wanted to stay home with her.  It reeeally made me miss being home with her every day though.  I've been pretty sad lately that she has to go to school every morning.  We're still together (which is a HUGE blessing) but it's not the same as being at home.  But, today we took advantage of it!  We did a little browsing at some stores, got some cleaning done, and had lots of play time!  

The two biggest changes I have already seen in Ellington:

1) Her walking is SOOOOO much better!  She is so much more stable and confident.  It's truly amazing.

2) She isn't HYSTERICAL when I put her to bed.  Bedtime/naptime had gotten reeeeeally hard.  She would scream and scream when I layed her down.  She hasn't done that at all since she got tubes.  

So, we're definitely on the mend around here and are looking forward to a fantastic (hopefully ear infection free) spring!


  1. I"m SO glad to hear how well she's doing!!! I know it's a relief to her AND her MOMMY!!!