Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Park

This past Saturday we had BEAUTIFUL weather so we decided to take Ellington to the park for the first time! She had a fantastic time!!! It was really so much fun and very needed after our loooooong week at school.

Ready to go!

When we first got there, Ellington was so so so excited!!!

And she's off!

Our park just got a couple of new swings for babies!  Hooray!!!  I was so disappointed last spring and summer that there was no park in town that we could go to and swing.

Ellington LOVES to slide (or "lide" as she calls it)!  There is a little slide she uses at physical therapy, but it's definitely not like this.  She was in heaven!

This is my new favorite picture. :)

What a fun morning we had together!  I see us spending a lot more time at the park.  Although the warm day really teased us - it's soooo cold again!  As soon as we get another nice day we'll definitely be back!


  1. So glad she had seeing that smile. I hope she gets to feeling better soon so she can have more fun as the weather, hopefully, warms up before too long.

  2. park days are the best! i love the one of e in the swing! she is beautiful, just like mama!

  3. Love the park day picture. Although, I am drooling at the fact that you are able to go outside and have a park day. This has felt like the long winter over here!

    Great pictures of your beautiful fam!


  4. great post :) looks like a perfect day!